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We are a U.S. based company that has specialized in incontinent products, such as disposable underpads, reusable underpads, adult diapers and bladder control pads, for 20 years. As a full-service operation, we strive to be with our customers from the concept and design to delivery to their warehouse door. With our own manufacturing facilities in mainland China, we are able to provide our customers with competitive prices and quality service. Our manufacture, China Linyi 2H Healthcare Products Co., Ltd, consists of a workforce of nearly a hundred experienced engineers and technicians who work tirelessly to guarantee superior product quality in strict accordance to the ISO13485 Certification by the National Quality Assurance (NQA) and ISO 9001. We possess the required CE mark under MDR for the incontinence range of products to Europe. Both Linyi 2H Healthcare Products Co., Ltd and 2H Manufacturing and Distribution, Corp. are registered with FDA. The 2H mission is to provide our customers with excellent, professional customer service while offering quality products at competitive prices.

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State of the art facilities.

Our factory is located in the Linyi, Shandong, which is known for its high tech facilities and high export volume.

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We are a company based in the U.S. that is dedicated to serving our customers.

  • Certification

  • Certification

Quality you can trust.

Our products adhere to the strict ISO9001 and ISO13485 NQA standards, so you can have quality you can trust.